• The sales department is the heartbeat of every company. According to Selling Power Magazine, the manufacturing and service companies listed on its “Power Selling 500 Report” generate $6.7 trillion dollars in sales annually. Each salesperson supports an average of 12.9 other jobs within the company.

    This means that the level of sales that is…Read More

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  • If you think personal selling is only for salespeople, think again. Everyone in every walk of life uses personal selling.

    Selling is what makes people successful. We all have to sell our ideas, our points of view, and ourselves every day to all sorts of people and not just those related to our jobs.

    You sell every day whether you realize…Read More

  • Your strong sense of personal ethics can help guide you in your decisions. But compromising your ethics even just once is a slippery slope. Ethics is all about the art of navigating the slippery slope: you have to draw a line for yourself, decide what you will and won’t do, and then stick to it. If you don’t have a strong set of ethics, you hav…Read More

  • So one of my colleagues asked;

    Stevo, how do you strongly hold these customers to be this loyal to you that even in your absence, no one can sell to them?

    Stephen: I don’t go in as a salesperson-I go in looking to see how I can help them.

    When salespeople are too eager to talk about features and benefits before they listen to the c…Read More

  • Consultative selling doesn’t start and stop at specific times during the relationship. In fact, it defines the relationship before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale.

    The concept of building professional relationships is apparent in this example:

    If you are selling insurance, your customer may eventually buy a home, have a f…Read More

  • According to Dr David A. Shore of Harvard University, “The sales force is the most visible manifestation of the brand. Salespeople need to say with a singular voice, ‘This is who we are, and, by extension, this is who we are not.’ The critical element that power brands have is trust, and a sales force needs to become the trusted advisor to the c…Read More


    What is the definition of excellence? Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Excellence is becoming the centre of your own world which enables you to become a light as a result of your perfectly utilized talents.

    Excellence is the opposite of perfection. Perfection is loving your true self…Read More

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  • Thank you @oyindamogold for creating this platform.

    Let’s all join hands and invite every sales professional to register on this platform. This is newness and one of a kind in this part of the world. This can rise to be our own SALESFORCE

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  • I’m loving the way this site is evolving.

    Let’s keep it rolling!

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    An Astute Sales Executive with extensive experience and strong knowledge of the Lagos Island axis is needed for an FMCG company based in Lagos. This person must have FMCG modern retail experiences.


    -Conduct market research to identify selling possibilities and evaluate customer…Read More

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