Sales Executives at Lontor Nigeria

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Lontor Nigeria

LONTOR establish a successful image store in Lagos, Nigeria. We have successfully operated the image store for four and a half years now, and are proud that we’re not only still in business, but growing.

As a reliable brand, LONTOR has been committed to providing high-quality, energy-efficient, convenient lighting and emergency household electrical products for the Nigerian consumer. With good quality and beautiful design, LONTOR today is welcomed by Nigeria market.

While many people think that LONTOR can’t cater customer demand for a long time, it isn’t. We regularly do customer satisfaction investigation to know more about customer demand. For instance, we had a large survey last year and get a lot information from the final customer. Having these information, we have developed many new series of products which are satisfied by a number of consumer in Nigeria.

LONTOR promotion efforts on local advertisement have also been very successful, bringing customers to the store and building credibility. LONTOR has done extensive advertising in the street, the main building and the main bridge. All the promotions make LONTOR being a stronger brand.

“Our business philosophy is to provide emergency products at a fair price,” Lucy, LONTOR manager says. “We will bring the best products to the customer, but the price will be reasonable.”

Source: MyJobMag, Latest Jobs in Nigeria